Kosta Ketsilis

I graduated Sheridan College's Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation Program in April 2008, where I received my Degree. I've worked on five student films, one of which is a group film where I acted as Design Supervisor as well as animating my share of scenes and one which was my final thesis film. In the summer of 2007 I did a four month internship in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I worked on the 4Kids TV show "CHAOTIC". I also did some graphic design work in the ads production department of a news paper in Toronto during 2008 - 2009. Currently I am working part time as an extra for TV/Film to get a better understanding of the entertainment industry while I focus on tightening up my skills. Ideally I would love to work as a designer on a broadcast project for WB, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Disney. I also have aspirations of being a character animator. I suppose I really like working with characters and finding ways to bring little nuances to life and creating memorable characters. Thanks for taking the time to read my "about" section and I hope you enjoy my portfolio. If you would like to see further work from me stop by my blog and say hello.


See you soon.